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In today's market, where cut-throat competition has become the rule, the key to future growth for health care is managed care. Every day, acquisitions, alliances, partnerships and joint ventures are announced. Success for your health care organization in the future depends upon your response to the challenges of the managed care market.

Establishing a Managed Care strategy for your health care business can be a delicate balancing act. Organizations are hearing from every front that they must strive for the "lean and mean" posture if they are to be competitive in the managed care arena -- and the call for increased cost efficiency has become even more urgent as Medicare begins toying with its payment structure to one that may have a managed care/shared risk bent.

Some health care organizations are aggressively pursuing cost-containment goals in all of their operations. Haida Corp identifies with the immediate need to improve cost-effectiveness across all services and can assist your agency position itself for fixed-fee contracts, whether they come from Managed care organizations or from the public sector. Haida Corp will focus on the full spectrum of complicated challenges you'll face:

  • Identifying key MCO's in the current marketplace and expansion markets
  • Streamline paperwork flow to increase productivity
  • Establishing staff productivity standards, models and tools for management
  • Identifying and proving your agency's value to payers
  • Identifying outliers, and adjusting pricing in contract negotiations
  • Preparing cost analysis and negotiating profitable managed care contracts
  • Developing a referral process within the payer system
  • Tracking quality, outcomes, and patient satisfaction data
  • Identifying appropriate managed care information systems
  • Easing into captivation, shared risk, and full risk contracts
  • Developing successful integrated delivery systems and integration strategies
  • Bringing all aspects of care onto the same team - physicians, hospitals and home care

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