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Licensure & Accreditation Program

Today's regulatory environment requires certain knowledge and expertise to manage the licensure process to a successful conclusion. Haida Corp has the personnel and experience necessary to help home care and alternate site care facilities agencies obtain desired licensure and/or accreditation status. From license application to final survey, Haida Corp can meet the needs of your organization.

  • Request License Application
  • Request Conditions of Participation
  • Gather Appropriate Application Statistics
    • - Demographics
    • - Incidence of Disease
    • - Populations
    • - Payer Mix
    • - Cost Data
    • - Market Analysis
    • - Civil Rights Requirements
    • - Obtain Civil Rights Clearance
  • Complete Application
  • Establish Ancillary Service Provider Relationship
  • Complete Ancillary Service Provider Contracts
  • Accept Required Number of patients for Certification
  • Provide multiple services to patients
  • Establish a Reverse billing Agreement
  • Investigate CON Opportunities in Marketplace
  • Gather CON board Member List
  • Attend/Support CON Hearing
  • Provide Mock Survey prior to Department of Public Health Arrival
  • Establish Survey timeframe
  • Provide Survey Support
  • Assist with Deficiency plan of Corrections
  • Provide Operational Support

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