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Hypertension Program

Hypertension treatment in the United States is estimated to cost as much as fifteen billion dollars each year and is anticipated to increase as new, more expensive treatments are utilized more frequently. There is no question that hypertension should be treated, but more cost effective treatment alternatives should be utilized.

Haida Corp's hypertension patient management program is aimed at improving outcomes while reducing costs. A successful patient management program has the potential to improve financial outcomes without decreasing quality of care.

Our program offers an early care patient management program that will reduce later problems with long-term outcomes that will make it easy to quantify the benefit derived from the investment.

Despite the tremendous costs associated with hypertension treatment, successful program implementation and patient treatment can greatly decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and other cardiovascular conditions. The key to success of a hypertension program is patient education and compliance.

Haida Corp's program provides your agency with the tools and protocols necessary to assist with the successful implementation of a hypertension program. Our program is designed to help prove that hypertension treatment can be optimized while reducing treatment costs.

If your home care agency is interested in implementing a patient hypertension program or if you would like additional information regarding Haida Corp's other clinical and financial programs or services, please contact us.

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