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Heart Failure Program

Heart Failure is the leading discharge diagnosis for patient's over 65 years of age. It is the primary loss leader for providers and payers. As the population matures, the problems of Heart Failure management will be magnified.

Due to the complexity of the disease and its cumulative effects on the patient's health, traditional Heart Failure management can be characterized as costly and ineffective. Declining patient health, more frequent hospitalizations and greater resource utilization are Heart Failures trademarks.

Home care and Alternate Site Care Facilities must play a stronger role in the management of Heart Failure. The Haida Corp Heart Failure program establishes a patient management system that targets the reduction of emergency room visits, inpatient hospitalizations and hospital length of stay. We use sound clinical training and operations management to improve patient care and control resource allocation.

Haida Corp can provide your organization with the clinical, regulatory, and financial information and support necessary to start and manage a successful Heart Failure program.

If you would like additional information regarding our Heart Failure program or our other clinical and financial programs or services, please contact us.

Heart Failure Program Outline

Heart Failure

  • Disease Management
    • a. Disease Prevalence
    • b. Current Practice
  • Goals of the Program
  • Cost Savings Analysis

Heart Failure Program

  • NYHA Class I & II Patients and NYHA Class III & IV Patients
    • a. Define Level of Acuity
      • - Descriptors
    • b. Critical Pathways
      • - Patient Goals
      • - Nursing Diagnosis
    • c. Orders
      • - Visit Frequencies
      • - Assessment Protocols
      • - Patient Education
      • - Home Monitoring
      • - Discharge Criteria
    • d. Troubleshooting
      • - Parameters for Intervention
      • - Standing Orders
      • - Reporting Systems

Infusion Therapy

  • Diuretics
    • a. Most effective Diuretics
    • b. Policies and Procedures
    • c. Standing Orders
  • Inotropes
    • a. Types
    • b. Policies and Procedures
    • c. Standing Orders

Supporting Documentation/Materials

  • Data Collection/Outcome Management
  • Patient Teaching Plans
  • Documentation
  • Nursing Teaching Models
  • Reimbursement

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