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CABG Program

In today's environment of shortened hospital stays and more extensive rehabilitation in the home, specific home care and alternate site care facilities programs are necessary to meet the new challenges of patient care. The Haida Corp CABG program has been developed to address a variety of customer needs. Our experience in working with hospitals, home health care providers and payers can help you realize your goals of desirable patient care and financial outcomes. We can provide your organization with the clinical, regulatory and financial information and support necessary to start and manage a successful CABG program. Each program is customized to reflect the level of service and support required to achieve your clinical and administrative goals. 

Our comprehensive program has two principal sections:

Nursing Model

  • Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions
  • Critical Pathways
  • Acuity Level Determination
  • Physician Orders
  • Troubleshooting

Supporting Material

  • Clinical Training
  • Data Management/Patient Outcome Tracking
  • Documentation
  • Patient Education Plans
  • Reimbursement
  • Managed Care and Marketing

Nursing Model

  • Pre-admission
    • a. Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions
    • b. Patient Goals
    • c. Patient Teaching Examples
  • Post Surgical
    • a. Critical Pathways
      • - Patient goals
    • b. Determine Level of Acuity
      • - Descriptions at Discharge
    • c. Orders
      • - Nursing Visit Frequencies
      • - Assessment Protocols
      • - Home Monitoring
      • - Patient Education
      • - Discharge Criteria
    • d. Troubleshooting
      • - Parameters for Intervention
      • - Standing Orders
      • - Reporting Systems

Supporting Material

  • Clinical Training Modules
    • a. Brief Pathophysiology
    • b. Hospital to Home/LTC Facility Transition
    • c. Documentation Requirements
    • d. Visit Goals
    • e. Patient Education
    • f. Troubleshooting
    • g. Patient Discharge
  • Data Management
    • a. Tracking Patient Outcomes
    • b. Data Collection Tools
  • Documentation
    • a. Initial Assessment
    • b. Acuity Classification
    • c. Nursing Visit Record
    • d. Plan of Treatment (485)
    • e. Patient Log
    • f. Standing Orders
  • Patient Teaching Modules
  • Reimbursement
    • a. Medicare
    • b. Commercial
  • Managed Care and Marketing

If you would like additional information regarding our CABG program or our other clinical and financial programs or services, please contact us.

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