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Alternate Site Program

As the provider of cardiac health care services, your organization must offer a continuum of care solution that maintains quality outcomes while continuing to reduce the cost of care. More and more physicians, home care agencies, and hospitals are networking to provide the best possible care for their cardiac patients. Haida Corp will assist your organization to utilize the most cost effective alternative of care while maintaining a high standard of quality patient management.

Haida Corp's program directly links the support and teaching for your clinical staff together with education provided to patients, families, and significant others. We will assist with the coordination of the entire clinical team resulting in patient understanding and compliance while maintaining patient stability and treatment continuity. These programs have proven to enhance the patient's ability to successfully access recommended treatment even after services have been terminated. Direct cost of caring for cardiac patients will decrease dramatically, thus increasing profitably.

If your organization is seeking higher profit margins, ambulatory and outpatient options, reduced length of stay, reduced repeat admissions, and quality patient outcomes, Haida Corp's programs and protocols for patient care will enhance the management of your cardiac business. Outpatient Cardiac Clinics and Office Based Infusion Suites

  • Home Health Cardiac Programs and Clinical Care Management Plans
  • Cardiac patient "Telemanagement" Programs
  • Outpatient and Home Cardiac Rehab Programs
  • Emergency Department and Inpatient Cardiac Care Plans and Protocols

Since each organization has unique needs and structure, Haida Corp's programs can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. We offer clinical training and tools for your staff, operational support, sales and marketing support, financial projections, and reimbursement training and support. Today's health care strategy must encompass the entire spectrum of quality patient management and economic feasibility.

Haida Corp offers the solutions necessary to maximize your organizations quality efforts. Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve care, adopt the best administrative and clinical practices, enhance outcomes, or just stay ahead of changing standards, Haida Corp will help you run your organization more efficiently, more competitively, and more profitably.

If you would like additional information regarding our Alternate Site Cardiac Programs or our other clinical and financial programs or services, please contact us.

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